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3Pikas helps organizations create better communities and achieve their goals by bringing their vision to life – visually and technically. 3Pikas is 100% Yukon-owned and operated. 3Pikas’ mission is to help organizations leverage innovative design and technology to make the world a better place.

Plan Marsh Lake


We build lasting and meaningful plans. We care about your plans and that's why we work collaboratively with development teams, organizations, and the public to craft creative solutions. We can help you with community planning needs, regional plans, analysis, sustainability and GIS. We’re nimble, agile and flexible. We approach work knowing no two projects are the same and with an open-mindset to collectively build better communities. We look for solutions that match each client’s unique requirements and build plans for people not for shelves.



Fox Lake Plan

GIS & Mapping

Planning is all about people and places. Each day, decisions are made about places that affect present and future quality of life of communities. Maps is the power of visual data to inform decisions and create better communities. We turn static spreadsheets into dynamic and meaningful maps in order to help you better understand social, economic, cultural and environmental determinants of life. Maps provide context to make sense of incomprehensible phenomenons. We custom design static and dynamic web maps and provide data collection, GIS analysis and cartography.



Salmon Know No Borders

Data Design/Web-Mapping

We work with civically-minded citizens who love where they live and communities who care about transparency by leveraging local knowledge and location-based information in order to create a better world. Using Civicly the Yukon Sub-Salmon Committee is able to create a comprehensive picture of salmon management in Yukon and Alaska by providing stakeholders, partners and community members with a way of recording observations, sharing ideas and ultimately incorporating local knowledge in salmon management.



My Dawson City

Online Engagement & Crowdsourcing Map

Revitalization plans seek to strengthen the vitality of downtown cores. By identifying enhancements to streetscapes, amenities, and infrastructure communities are able to create vibrant and long-lasting communities. Using Civicly the City of Dawson was able to extend its community engagement efforts to people who otherwise would not attend public meetings and get past the "usual suspects".


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