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Our Southern Lakes

Our Southern Lakes is the Yukon Energy Corporation and Hemmera's online engagement space. Yukon Energy is proposing to increase water storage levels at the Whitehorse Hydroelectric Dam in order to produce more power. If approved by the Yukon Environmental Assessment Board, this proposal could contribute six to eight gigawatt hours per year of extra winter generation.

Civicly engagement platform will be used to engage with the broader Yukon community as well as each of the local communities within the Southern Lakes region. The map-based tool for sharing ideas about locations and discussion forum will be used by Yukon Energy and Hemmera (lead consultant) to help monitor and manage issues of particular interest and importance to those communities.

The platform will provide a space for Yukon Energy, Hemmera and the community to tell and share their stories about places. The platform will also act as a central point of contact for those communities with the project team in preparation for the Yukon Environmental Assessment Board assessment review process. An online survey will be used to gather specific feedback.

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