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The Dempster & Campbell Highways

The Dempster Highway is Canada's only all-weather road across the Arctic Circle and is among the world's most unique highways. This unpaved two lane highway is an iconic drive. The Yukon Government, Department of Highways and Public Works (HPW) is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient public highways including the Dempster and Robert Campbell Highway in Northern Yukon.

The isolation and the difficult conditions make planning and maintaining the highway challenging. Civicly provides a way to engage travellers driving through and supports collaborative planning and decision-making. Civicly provides a private space for engineers, planners and maintenance crews to share highway conditions and a public space for planners to collect information from travellers passing through the region.

Civicly's mapping tool enables engineers, planners and maintenance crew to report conditions and share map-based information with HPW's headquarter in Whitehorse. It also allows allows travellers to report issues of particular importance to engineers and planners, share a point on a map, send a picture and describe a problem. HPW can generate questions to provoke discussion around a series of topics.

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