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Crowdsourcing for Citizen Powered Communities

Choose between our awesome crowdsourcing map and our online engagement platform or simply integrate geo-tagged crowdsourcing with your online engagement platform - Civicly is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Get instant notifications on what's happening in an area based on your preferences, broadcast your opinion, share ideas - let your citizens become city planners.

Crowdsourcing Map

Inform. Educate. Share Places & priorities.

Use Civicly Crowdsourcing Map to start a identify landscape values, important places, priorities, issues or problems.

Online Engagement Platform

Discover what's happening around you. Participate from anywhere.

Use Civicly to start a conversation about a place you like, a project that's happening in your neighbourhood, a building permits application review, a community plan updates, a municipal development plans, or simply to make timely information about places and projects available to everyone when it’s most important. Create an information-rich environment where citizens can decide what they want to do, how they will remain connected, and how they will contribute. If you are looking for “out of the box” thinking for a project of about how a plan should unfold - this is the right tool for you.

Governments, Cities, Consultants, NGOs...

Supercharge your projects with these great features


100% Responsive Design

Desktop and mobile ready.


Upload an organization’s logo and choose your colour schemes.

Custom map

Beautiful user-friendly interactive map.

Moderate conversations

You can track, moderate and respond to conversations and ideas.

Awesome analytics

Analytics and reports help you spot trends as well as problems so you can stay on top of your game.


Geo-Tag Photos

Geo-Tag a photo and bring your conversation to life.


Personalized support

We provide support to assist you with data export and analysis.

Social media integration

Visitors can share ideas via social media, follow people and places.

Fully customizable

Need a custom site for your project? No problem, Civicly is very flexible and fully customizable. We build custom sites on a project-by-project basis.

Let's get started.