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Interactive Mapping Management Application

The Background

Elgin St. Thomas Public Health (ESTPH) was seeking assistance to design an interactive web platform and provide a visually appealing and easy-to-use interactive map that can be embedded or inserted into other websites, including the existing ESTPH website at activeelgin.ca. MMM and ESTPH reached out to 3Pikas to prepare the design for the Interactive Mapping Management Application (IMMA).

The Approach

The IMMA is a hosted web application accessible through a standard web browser. The tool was designed in a manner that ensures that ESTPH staffs create, manage and customize both the catalogue of physical activity infrastructure in Elgin St. Thomas as well as the visual representation of that infrastructure on the embeddable interactive map. The IMMA will feature a suite of functionality for uploading and/or drawing the locations of physical activity infrastructure as well as managing data and attributes to help describe, define, and categorize the differences between each piece of infrastructure. 


The Results

The resulting web platform and Drupal CMS allows ESTPH staff to continuously update and refine the catalogue of health data without the need for specialized GIS knowledge or GIS software.  The interactive site allows users to:

  • Add new health data related to physical activity infrastructure and administer the site;
  • Create new map layers using spatial information; and
  • Generate and style embeddable maps, including selecting which created layers will be visible on the final map and which base layers will be available to select (ex. Google Satellite, Open Street Maps, Stamen Toner, etc…).

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