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Engage Whitehorse

The Background

With nearly 21,000 residents, Whitehorse is a relatively small northern municipality. Whitehorse residents are proud of their city and are quite involved in projects and events. However, like most remote northern municipalities, Whitehorse’s population is growing rapidly and in transit. The City of Whitehorse believes in building a strong relationship with stakeholder groups and residents through comprehensive and meaningful engagement and communication. In 2016, the City of Whitehorse hired 3Pikas to build and design an intuitive stakeholder engagement space online.

The Results

The result consists of a responsive custom solution that allows staff to tell a story and engage with stakeholders using open data and a range of visualizations. We created mapping templates and charts using census, demographic, and land use data available on the Government of Canada’s Open Data Portal and the Government of Yukon Bureau of Statistics, and generated comprehensive reports about the characteristics of the population that allows users to discover various dimensions behind the data that are included the data library. The data library and data catalogue is available to users and displayed through the admin dashboard. Users can choose between various dimensions (maps and charts) and use various visualizations to inform discussions.

The data is displayed in a number of different ways, taking inspiration from the various concerns people may relate to most strongly. On the map the data layers are arranged in an intuitive order and revealed progressively, so it's easy to find the information you need. People also feel a strong connection to certain places or certain themes, so we added Profiles and Topics pages to provide different hooks into the same data.

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