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Alaska Highway Road Trip

The Background

The Alaska Highway is located in an extreme location that harbors a huge variety of cultural, environmental, and aesthetic values. Alaska Highway Road Trip is aweb platform that allows people to create their own itinerary along the Alaska Highway. 3Pikas was retained to build an interactive map-based management system (CMS) that’s built around content and media (photos, audio, video and text).

This required a mix of custom JavaScript tile layering, and technology for the front end filtering tools, to deliver a responsive and intuitive experience.



The Results

The project involved:

1) Research and Discovery – We conducted a research to identify the most appropriate platform for the project, identify users, features and functional requirements and explored monetization options. Using this information, we created an initial design for the mobile site and landing page (for the CMS).

2) Wireframe, Design, & Development – We developed the wireframe and visual architecture of the mobile site/map and determined how the different content types and themes will interact. We built the Drupal site to integrate with third party apps such as Mailchimp (for newsletters), Mapbox APIs for maps, and Commerce for subscription and monetization.

We concentrated on implementing responsive filtering. Changing the data to reflect user on the map. The tool allows users to upload their trips and download data for the selected area in a processable and reusable format. This data can be used for wayfinding and discovering great places offline during their journey along the Alaska Highway. 


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